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 Residential Multifamily Audit Program


Save Now and for Years to Come

Receive a wealth of knowledge – and up to $200 in energy-saving products for each unit, at no additional cost – with the Residential Multifamily Program from FirstEnergy's Ohio utilities. Simply sign up for your energy audit and start saving!

If you live in or manage a master-metered building in which the apartment complex is billed collectively for the electric use, please click here to learn about our Commercial Multifamily Program

During your energy audit, a professional energy auditor will visit your property and:

  1. Show you where your building may be losing energy
  2. Prioritize ways you can make your building more comfortable and efficient
  3. Schedule a time to install up to $200 in energy-saving products, such as LEDs, faucet aerators and showerheads, in each of your tenants’ homes


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