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 Commercial Multifamily Audit Program


Save Now and for Years to Come

The Commercial Multifamily Program encourages owners and managers of multifamily buildings to install energy-saving upgrades in individual units. A walk-through energy audit is also included to help provide referrals for rebates to common area upgrades. 

The program offers in-unit installation of the following energy efficient products:


- TLED's

- Pin-Based Lamps

- 3 Way LED (60, 75, 150)

- LED 6W — 40W Equivalent

- LED 9W — 60W Equivalent

- LED 11W — 75W Equivalent

- LED 15W — 100W Equivalent

- 3 Way LED (60, 75, 150)

- LED 6W Globe — 40W Equivalent

- LED 5W Candelabra— 40W Equivalent

- Smart Power Strip (7 outlet, Tier 1) 

- LED Nightlight

For more information on how to participate in the Commercial Multifamily Program, please email firstenergyaudits@franklinenergy.com or call 1-855-314-9964. 

To learn more about incentives for commercial multifamily properties visit energysaveoh-business.com or click here for an Incentive Guide.

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